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Madame Coco's Chocolate 'Book of Love'

Madame Coco's Chocolate 'Book of Love'

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Where there is love, there is life. 

The Ancient Greeks had 8 words for love, all of which Madame Coco features in her luxury box of chocolate called, Book of Love. Enjoy miniature 'chocolate paintings' depicting the History of Art. Coffee Table Chocolate is now a thing!

Eros | Sexual Love: Venus Verticordia; Birth of Venus; Kama Sutra.

Philia | Friendship, Band of Brothers: Cupid & Psyche.

Ludus | Playful Love: The Swing; Horse Whisperer.

Agape | Spiritual Love: The Garden of Earthly Delights, Spring.

Philautia | Self-Love: Narcissus.

Pragma – Love of Fellowship: Lovers walking in the Snow.

Storge | Unconditional Love: Madonna Pazzi.

Xenia | Friendship & Hospitality: Fisherman & a Syren.

Hidden within each painting: Gourmet Amazonia Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Red Berry, Blonde Pistachio, and an assortment of smooth milk chocolates.

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