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Le Magicien Bio Artisanal Potion Drinks

Le Magicien Bio Artisanal Potion Drinks

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This enchanting drinks collection is inspired by a childhood passion for magic, made with 100% organic fruit and presented in traditional glass vials.

Designed to imitate a real-life ‘magic potion’, the range echoes childhood stories of witchcraft and wizardry. The organic drink is packed with fruity flavours and 100% natural ingredients. Low in calories and sugar, the entertaining yet healthy beverage aims to encourage a nutritious diet and respect for nature. The ‘potions’ were cooked up in the heart of the French countryside, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. ‘Poured straight from the cauldron’, recipes include:

The Love Potion, with fruity cherries and spicy hints of pepper

The Energy Potion harnesses the power of sage with a lemon twist and pinches of white ginseng

The Relax Potion helps to calm your thoughts with its fresh scent of basil and tender strawberries

The Mental Potion, made from rooibos, peach, and ginkgo, is known for its virtues in memory and concentration.

The Happiness Potion, an enchanted break to explore your recipe for happiness with chamomile, apple and vanilla

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