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Fine + Raw VEGAN Chocolate Bars

Fine + Raw VEGAN Chocolate Bars

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For the Vegan Chocolate Lover: WELCOME HOME. Fine + Raw Chocolates introduces the Brooklyn Bonnie Collection, made with 50% raw & 50% roasted cacao for a smooth & toasty flavor. Enjoy these small-batch, artisan chocolate bars, crafted using the world's finest cacao beans and clean ingredients. 

Choose from these bold and exciting flavors:

Sea Salt | For the ultimate sea salt lover!

Hazelnut Butter Bar | Made using the world’s finest Pacific Northwest hazelnuts, ground with dark chocolate for the richest chocolate-hazelnut experience. This bar is nutty and creamy. 

Oat Milk Bar | This bar is the best of both worlds -- smooth, decadent chocolate and rich, creamy oats combine to form an all-out organic (oat) milk chocolate explosion. 

Alderwood Smoked Salt | The salt opens your palate, and rich dark chocolate with just a hint of Alderwood smoke waltzes right in. 70% cacao bar sprinkled with just enough alderwood smoked salt to remind you of campfires and good times.

Habanero Salt | Are you on a beach in Mexico, drinking tequila at a bonfire? Or is that just our Habanero Salt Bar playing tricks on your imagination? 70% dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt and just enough spice to make sure you’re paying attention.

Ginger | A truly unique infusion of ginger and dark chocolate. Are you a ginger-head? This is for you! May we suggest that you pair this bar with your favorite tea. Always let this chocolate bar sit on your tongue and melt while the flavors overtake your body! Let your palate be patient and the delight will erupt. 

Espresso | Eating this chocolate bar is like driving your tiny convertible through the winding streets of Rome, en route to your favorite coffee spot. 70% chocolate with espresso nibs to wake up your taste buds and make the cacao sing.

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