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Chocolate Cigars (Various Flavors Available)

Chocolate Cigars (Various Flavors Available)

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The process of drawing chocolate cigars is carried out cold, to preserve the aroma. Madame's cigars can be sliced and shared or eaten after a meal paired with a whisky. Makes wonderful and scrumptious gifts! Cigars sold individually.

Choose from four luxurious flavors:

Orange Chocolate

Filled with milk chocolate and cocoa paste, enriched with candied orange peel. The cigar is covered with a double layer of milk and dark 56% chocolate to preserve the aroma to the fullest.

Nougatine Truffle

Filled with cocoa paste and gianduja, covered by a double layer of milk chocolate and 56% dark chocolate. The filling is enriched with caramel pieces whose consistency is reminiscent of the crunchiness of caramelized hazelnut Nougatine.

Aromatic Cocoa

A soft filling of chocolate and hazelnut paste covered with 56% dark chocolate.


A crunchy filling of white chocolate and pistachio paste with chopped pistachios, almonds and raw cane sugar. The cigar is covered with a double layer of dark chocolate 60%. Storage temperature:15-18 °C (59-65 °F)

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