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Apothecary Chocolate Bars

Apothecary Chocolate Bars

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Surely one of life's great pleasures. These Chocolate Bars feature all natural & organic ingredients. Always produced in small batch quantities and hand crafted for your indulgence. 

Choose from one of three delicious flavors:

Dark Chocolate Coffee Crunch

This enlivening bar utilizes a “seafoam” process to turn coffee from the St. Lawrence Valley Roaster’s into a crunch that blends effortlessly with our rich dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Birch Brown Butter Bar

Our remarkably rich Birch Brown Butter bar swirls real New York State birch syrup with organic unsalted butter that evolves into a creamy toffee-like texture that balances the 70% dark chocolate.

Grace Under Fire

With pomegranate and a hint of cayenne pepper, this bar symbolizes feminine strength and vitality.

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