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Eloquence Perfume Candles

Eloquence Perfume Candles

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The beautiful and inviting scent of an Eloquence® Perfume Candle is the ultimate first impression. Thoughtfully designed and hand-poured in California, these candles are made from a natural and sustainable coconut wax blend and lead-free cotton wicks for a paraben-free, clean burn.

Scented with our proprietary essential oil and fragrance blends, our perfume candles make any room an inviting, serene escape with an aura of indulgence. 

Rococo Red Currant 

An intoxicating scent blending the sweetness of White Rose, the tartness of wild currants, and hints of woody oak moss to make an extravagantly dreamy aroma. Characterized by opulent serpentine details, airy pastel palettes, and the whimsy of nature, the French Rococo period was a playful and luxurious time for art and interiors. The Rococo Red Currant scent is inspired by the faded grandeur of this iconic era. 

Fleur d'Oranger

A sophisticated bouquet that smells fruity and warm, with hints of honey and ripe citrus finished with the fragrance of blossoms. Grasse, a wonderful flower raising city close to the French Riviera, is known as the perfume capital for its rich soil, abundant sun and sweet smelling flora. This transporting scent has a captivating floral nectar aroma that blooms with each use. 

French Tea

French Tea has an aroma of dry oolong with smokey overtones mixed with warm sandalwood, faint citrus and soft jasmine to create an established and nostalgic scent to unwind and relax with. The beautifully decorated French Tea Houses began as one of the few places women could gather freely. A homage to the tradition of taking tea, this 

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