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Nancy's Fancy Gourmet Gelato | Single Servings

Nancy's Fancy Gourmet Gelato | Single Servings

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Nancy’s Fancy is the finest gelato, churned with fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. Delicious & creamy, each flavor is a lingering classic. 

Choose from five decadent flavors:

Butterscotch Budino  w/ a Caramel Rosemary Swirl

This buttery and smoky gelato is crafted in the spirit of Nancy’s beloved and celebrated Budino (Italian butterscotch pudding), created for her famed Mozza restaurants. Our Butterscotch Budino gelato is unbelievably decadent and swirled with sumptuous caramel infused with Mediterranean sea salt and just a hint of rosemary.

Italian Custard w/ a Citrus Caramel Swirl

With this unique gelato flavor, Nancy transforms and transcends one of Italy’s favorite desserts – zabaglione, a traditional Italian egg custard, sweetened with pure cane sugar and flavored with Marsala wine. Her frozen version of this classic is highlighted with a tangy citrus caramel swirl, creating a contemporary yet timeless flavor.


Simple, but simply delicious, this tangy gelato is as tempting and refreshing as summer. Surprisingly rich and creamy while still tart and sweet, it is a spoonful of sunshine.

Chocolate Fondente w/ Dark Rum + Valrhona Chocolate Chips

This sorbetto is artfully balanced with bold, dark chocolate, exotic, spicy rum and renowned Valrhona chocolate chips. A dark, rich and silky Italian delight, it is also free of all dairy and eggs and completely vegan.

Roasted Banana w/ Bourbon + Pecan Praline

Slow-roasted, caramelized bananas are artfully paired with a hint of smoky bourbon, just subtle enough for all ages to enjoy. Loads of delicious New Orleans-style pecan pralines bring a lively, sugary crunch to the rich smoothness of this scrumptious gelato.

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